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And fresh from vans that creak,
the giant amplifiers speak.
Another tale to write,
that you'll recount on drunken nights

"Spectres at the Feast"

Considering the two decades the band have been together the recorded material available is a trifle thin on the ground. This is wholly a result of too much rock n'roll high living and too little time spent in the studio.

Title Format Release date
File Under Progressive
the Covenant :: 'File Under Progressive' MP3 download version
Single track.
Available below for free download.
Spectres at the Feast
the Covenant :: 'Spectres at the Feast' CD
CD album (COV CD 002) 1994
Don't Come Running Two track cassette demo. 1993
Rising Tide Two track cassette demo. 1988
Cardiac Arrest Two track cassette demo. 1987
Stony Ground Two track cassette demo. 1986
the Covenant :: 'Stations' 12" single
12" vinyl single. (COV 0001) 1986
the Covenant :: 'Facade' demo
Two track cassette demo. 1986
The Haunting Single track cassette demo. 1985

The 'File Under Progressive' project is available in .MP3 format.
This track is free to download for personal use.

File Under Progressive
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